The Castle That Vanished

Ive been stumbling over this idea for ages, let it sit basically all of quarantine and now I'm just yeeting it into the internet-verse. It's not finished, very rough around the edges, but my brain has stopped functioning on it so do with it as you will. If you want.  The Castle That Vanished What Came Before: These lands were rich with some valuable substance, and the Duke became rich off its exports. With his wealth, he built a castle which sprawled across the valley, surrounded by a high stone wall which only spires and rooftops could peek over. What Remains: A mere shack in the woods. Its roof sagging, vines weaving through the rotting woodwork, bricks crumbling around the doorframe. The forest flourishes, new life sprouting in every corner.  Why Should Players Care?: Depending on your group one of the followings should suffice: The dude was loaded, enough wealth to make a castle that spanned an entire valley  Due to some old tradition the Royal Seal must be recovered so the

Golden Skies Questions

What is the deal with my clerics religion? Nothing. God's grace managed to save Eden, you are lucky he has chosen you as one of his blessed. Unless you are some strange heathen that follows the Ancient Gods, in which case the "deal" is being ejected into the stratosphere and left floating to the void beyond.  Where can we go to buy standard equipment? Fortune is your best bet for standard equipment, but all large ports will stock a range of equipment. Most smaller settlements will and you could always scavenge off dead ships... Where can we go to get platemail custom fitted for this monster I just befriended? Scapula, they are used to the strange and the mutant. You could try your luck in Fortune or make a visit to the Black Factories but don't be too vocal about your new strange friend. Who is the mightiest wizard in the land? "Noone. There are no sane wizards left alive"... In truth its hard to say, as it is true alot of the old wizards have gone

Vol Khazul, the Fungal Prison

The Lords Chapel Sister Erostine: once the high-priest of the Chapel, known for the censer she carried, one who's smoke could nullify magic and even send mages into a deep slumber. When a powerful artifact came into her possession she couldn't resist and gazed into her destiny. But destiny holds a cruel fate and the Void staired right back at her. Void-Blinded: serve under the command of Sister Erostine.  Random abilities: 1: Beltch forth void monsters, 2: control and manipulate a magical darkness 3: gaze lock on, holds you and drags you to the Void. 4: Spider-like legs Animated Saint Statues: Relics of the Chapels former glory, are currently sleeping as they would attempt to destroy the Sister and the Void monsters. Re-animation is possible. Shattered Scrying Orb: what remains of the Artifact, but Artifacts are not destroyed quite so easily. One could potentially repair or salvage the Orb. The Breaking Table: Where wizards are finally brought to their end, there is a


 Whisper-Nixes are small and unassuming. Their cheeky-grins and flittering, glittering wings (which only some of them have the wings, in fairness) are disarming if you have as much social awareness as they do, which is to say not very much. They giggle at you, never with you, and just kind of... hover about you, just out of reach; hiding behind corners and roots, following at a distance. They are small, only a few inches tall, and bedecked in fine, golden filigree clothing; its really quite beautiful. The rest of them, is somewhat disconcerting though. They show too many teeth, and their fingers... well. Their fingers are as long the rest of their bodies, and have long hooked black nails on the end, like bony, knobbled fishing lines. These they insert into the back of your head, just under the bottom of your skull. It will bleed horribly, but in all likelihood it won't cause any permanent harm or great pain to you. It will feel extraordinarily strange however, as the Whisper-

The Star-Less Empire

In the deepest caverns of the Underdark stands a cold and forgotten city. Home to the Drow, the Fallen, the Traitors. After the years spent with out sunlight their skin has gone pallid, thin and taut across their milky white bones. This is what remains of them. The Crimson Courts 1. The Traitor King 2. Lady Mantis 3. He-Who-Weeps 4. The Red Courtiers 5. The Changeling Children 6. Starving Hounds The Black Factories 1. Furnace Golems 2. Smog Leeches 3. Tarthau, the Fume Bloated 4. Soot Snakes 5. The Blackened 6. The Foreman The House of Hours 1. History Surgeons 2. Fate Weavers 3. Beggars and Sinners 4. Time Keeper Orion 5. Soul Snatchers 6.The Queen, for whom this is all for The Esplanade of Traitors 1. The Gut-Oracle 2. The Screaming Dead 3. The Doom of Fools 4.Chain Geist 5. Tongue-Taker 6. Fool's Butchers The Brimstone Club 1. Desire, what you want 2. Necessity, what you need 3. Regretter, what you miss 4.Dread, what you fear 5.Chanc

Ambryssia, The Living Cathedral

Up in the Branches THE HOLLOW Centipede King The Woodpecker The Mushroom Queen The Abbot FLORAL GARDENS The Hive: Once made great honey with magical properties, is now cursed and filled with wasps Ladybug Knights: Fight the Infestation, Chitin weaponry and classic Arthurian Knights Caterpillar Monks: Dream of life above and beyond the tree, a peaceful folk The Grub Pub: A place of rest and small glasses of ale THE FLOATING VESTRY Charybdis, The Viper: (Think Jungle Book) Her venom could make you super strong ..or kill you Lady Vulpeona's Library: Fox-Spirit with ferret and squirrel servants, knowledge and magic The Hot Springs A place of rest and relaxation THE PARASITE GROVE Venusk, the Vampire Druid: Sap-blood, druid powers, carnivorous plants feed him The Infestation: An endless swarm of aphids (or demons) that seek to destroy the Floral Gardens The Sisters Green: A Covern of Hags, Father Fungus:  A gentle soul, his spores will help you sleep. just

Filth Beholder